DJ sets: D-Grade

    • 	Image credit: Julia Harris
    • Soundscapes inspired by AEON†: TITAN ARUM

      Art After Hours, Music

Experience lush, ambient and other-wordly soundscapes from some of Sydney’s most renowned DJs in a sonic playground curated by Justin Shoulder.

For Season 1 of AEON†: TITAN ARUM, D-Grade expands on Shoulder’s carnivalesque work for The National 2021, creating an immersive experience in the Gallery cafe as part of Art After Hours.

D-Grade plays with a tactile and embodied engagement to sound, often presenting 'serious’ music with cheek and quirk.

Grab a drink from the Gallery café as D-Grade takes you on a sonic journey.

Wed 14, 21 & 28 April 2021

5.30-6.30pm & 7-7.30pm


Duration 2 hours
Location: Cafe

Related exhibition: The National 2021

Image credit: Julia Harris