FOMArt: August

    • 	Image: TRU’
    • Presented by the Youth Collective

      Workshop, Music, Performance, Youth

Fear of missing art? You’ve come to the right place! Join the Youth Collective this month as they explore the intersection between art and technology, and how rapid advances in technology has driven new ways of creative expression.

Hear from the Gallery’s time-based conservator Asti Sherring as she talks to us about some of the challenges and issues around conserving new media in contemporary art.

Be transported by the experimental sounds and unique soundscapes created by emerging female musicians from Information and Cultural Exchange’s All Girl Electronic. These young women from Western Sydney will delight us with their synth sounds inspired by the works in Spacemakers and roomshakers exhibition.

Don’t miss their one-off performance during SoundLab, taking place among the meandering urban sculpture of Yona Lee’s In transit (double-function form).

Bring your friends, meet like-minded art lovers and ignite your imagination and creativity.

Saturday 25 August 2018, 1- 3.30pm


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Presenting partner
Macquarie University

Image: TRU’

    • DIY for under 25s

      Saturday 25 August 1pm – 2pm

      Saturday 25 August 2:30pm – 3:30pm

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      Consider the visual language of architecture and installation with Sydney-based artist Marilyn Schneider. Learn how to materialise abstract configurations in three dimensional forms by looking at the surrounding architectural shapes, lines and patterns. Create your own sculpture and contribute to a growing site-specific installation with the Youth Collective and other art enthusiasts.

      This drop-in workshop is open to people aged between 15 and 25. All levels and abilities welcome

      Location: Contemporary galleries

    • SoundLab: Milkffish

      Saturday 25 August 1pm – 1:20pm

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      Milkffish is an experimental songstress who plays with art and music in order to not lose her childhood sense of curiosity, maintain her sanity and connection with others. Currently she’s experimenting with her Ableton digital audio workstation, her voice, field recordings, bass guitar and her grandmother’s bandurria.

      Location: Contemporary galleries

    • SoundLab: Aishani

      Saturday 25 August 1:30pm – 1:50pm

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      Aishani Kochar, known musically as Aishani, is a 16 year old producer, writer, artist and singer/songwriter with an affinity for small sonic universes of sound and lyric. Growing up, her love for the creative arts and writing combined with an inherent fascination and adoration of music. She makes lyrically focused soundscapes which push the boundaries between poetry, pop music of the twenty-first century and the ambience of film scores.

      Location: Contemporary galleries

    • Casual chats with the Gallery's conservator

      Saturday 25 August 2pm – 2:30pm

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      Join the Gallery’s time-based conservator Asti Sherring to discuss how new technologies and emerging mediums have changed approaches to conserving art in the digital age. Asti will speak about three works in the collection, Daniel Von Sturmer’s The truth effect 2003, teamLab’s Flower and People- Gold 2015 and Reena Saini Kallat’s Woven Chronicle 2018.

      This talk will start at Daniel Von Sturmer’s The truth effect 2003 inside Spacemakers and roomshakers.

      Location: Contemporary galleries

      Image: teamLab Flowers and People – Gold 2015, Art Gallery of New South Wales © teamLab, courtesy Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney

    • SoundLab: Ailsa Liu

      Saturday 25 August 2:30pm – 2:50pm

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      Ailsa Liu is an artist who creates work across soundscapes, installation, as well as experimental fiction and poetry. Her music conveys a sense of void or space, cinematic abstraction, urgency and sinister innocence. Her soundscapes are influences by texture and layering of found sounds, field recordings of urban spaces and modular synths.

      Location: Contemporary galleries

    • SoundLab: TRU'

      Saturday 25 August 3pm – 3:20pm

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      TRU’ is Sara Tamim’s newest experimental project where she explores haunting and mature ambient sounds through her electronic tracks. She has performed at events hosted by THE PLOT and performed alongside producers and musicians such as Rainbow Chan, Jake Howden and Bec Sandridge. She has also released a collaboration EP Make Believe with Perth producer WULFE.

      Location: Contemporary galleries