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	Image: Elaine Russell

Home artist talks

In conjunction with the Yiribana exhibition, ‘Home’

Image: Elaine Russell

Wednesdays 24 October – 21 November 2012, 5.30pm


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Yiribana Gallery

Related exhibition: Home

r e a

One of r e a’s earliest memories is of looking through family photographs that her mother kept in a biscuit tin. The connections between memory and photography, and between personal experience and political history are central to r e a’s work as a digital media and installation artist. Join her for a talk on her work, Highly Coloured: My Life Is Coloured By My Colour in the Home exhibition.


Wednesday 24 October 2012 5:30pm – 6pm

Roy Kennedy

Drawing on his mother’s stories and his own experience, Roy Kennedy’s work documents a life of dislocation and deprivation, from the Depression years up until the abolition, in 1940, of the notorious Aborigines Protection Board, which managed the missions in New South Wales. Join Roy Kennedy as he shares with us stories of his art and life.


Wednesday 31 October 2012 5:30pm – 6pm

Peter Yanada McKenzie

Contemporary photographer Peter Yanada McKenzie exposes a unique side of the Sydney community with his personal and moving images. Throughout his career, McKenzie, an Eora/Anaiwan man, has documented La Per’s local characters, landscape, events and activities. McKenzie, like other Aboriginal documentary photographers including Ricky Maynard and Michael Riley, represents a groundbreaking new wave of self-representation, bringing an insider’s understanding of Aboriginal life.


Wednesday 7 November 2012 5:30pm – 6pm

Elaine Russell

Artist Elaine Russell’s illustrative paintings of mission life, such as attending school and routine inspection days, are animated in her bold and colourful style. Drawing from an abundance of rich memories and experiences, Elaine Russell discusses her work in the Home exhibition.


Wednesday 14 November 2012 5:30pm – 6pm

Badger Bates

Artist Badger Bates continues the unbroken practice of creating traditional artefacts. In 1991 he was encouraged to work with linocuts and printing, a new medium that retains the traditional process of carving and quickly became Bates’s most recognised practice for the way it captures his style and vision. Join him as he discusses his work in the Home exhibition.


Wednesday 21 November 2012 5:30pm – 6pm