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Landscape and travelling in the Confucian dynamics of intergenerational transmission

Professor Roger T Ames, University of Hawai’i

One might argue that “travelling” – that is, “making one’s way” (dao 道) – is the governing metaphor of the Analects of Confucius specifically, and even the Chinese philosophical narrative broadly construed. “It is the human being that extends the way.” This talk focuses on the dynamics of intergenerational cultural transmission. Culture not only has legs, but indeed is quite literally embodied and reproduced by each succeeding generation. We will use the term xiao 孝 – family reverence – to explore cultural transmission within living family lineages, and then the term ru 儒 to pursue an understanding of the changing cultural landscape as it is conserved and reconfigured across the centuries. We will finally appeal to lineages of landscape painting from the Yuan dynasty to the early Qing as a concrete example of both familial and ru transmission.

Roger T Ames is professor of Philosophy and editor of Philosophy East & West. Almost all of his publications are now available in Chinese translation, including his philosophical translations of Chinese canonical texts. He has most recently been engaged in compiling the new Blackwell Sourcebook of Chinese Philosophy and in writing articles promoting a conversation between American pragmatism and Confucianism. More…

Saturday 7 July 2012, 2.00pm

$10. Bookings essential

Bookings and enquiries: 02 9225 1740

Payment by credit card accepted by phone

Duration 1 hour
Location: Domain Theatre