Live music: Mariam Sawires

    • 	Image: Mariam Sawires. Photo by Yasmin Sateja
    • Contemporary soul and R&B

      Art After Hours, Music

Born in Australia with Egyptian roots, Mariam was brought up in a nomadic family of musicians and artists. Since her childhood, she has been inspired by the sweet lyrical high-pitched melodies of traditional songs passed down through generations in Egypt as well as the rhythms from her father’s clay darbuka.

After releasing her debut EP Ahnuma in Berlin, Mariam has recently returned to Australia with new music to share in 2019.

As part of Art After Hours, Mariam will perform her unique sound of contemporary soul mixed with splashes of jazz and tinged with a number of Middle Eastern influences.

Wednesday 24 July 2019, 7.30pm


No booking required

Duration 1 hour
Location: Entrance court

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Image: Mariam Sawires. Photo by Yasmin Sateja