Panel: Biodesign, elixir of innovation

    • 	Image: Christopher Hammang
    • Can design create better health and wellbeing?

      Lecture / symposium

Design is now seen as integral to improving medicine and health. Join an expert panel for a compelling conversation about how we can create better health and wellbeing, by design.

In a world where individuals are becoming more empowered to ensure healthy outcomes, biodesign challenges conventional scientific approaches by putting design thinking at the front and centre of the educational experience.

There are often significant differences between how scientists and designers approach problem finding, learning, task completion and ways of communicating.

As designers begin to draw on biology as a material input for achieving better design outcomes, and scientists adopt new approaches to problem finding and solving using design-thinking processes, they are developing unique, game-changing solutions to problems of global significance for individuals, communities and industries.

This panel discussion, facilitated by associate professor Martin Tomitsch, director of the Design Lab, University of Sydney, will showcase the emerging field of biomedical design – to be offered as an undergraduate major from the beginning of 2020 by the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Panellists include Dr Tegan Cheng, Children’s Hospital Westmead; Dr Phil Gough, University of Sydney; Martin Brown, Westmead; facilitated by Dr Martin Tomitsch, University of Sydney.

Presented in partnership with the University of Sydney’s School of Architecture, Design and Planning Alumni Association.

Wednesday 7 August 2019, 6.30pm

Free, bookings required

Book tickets via the University of Sydney

Duration 2 hours
Location: Centenary Auditorium

Image: Christopher Hammang