Queer Art After Hours 2019

    • A celebration of LGBTQI art and performance!

      Art After Hours

Now in its third year, Queer Art After Hours returns in 2019 with a sparkling line-up of art, music and performance, co-presented with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Experience the Art Gallery of New South Wales after the sun goes down with some of Australia’s best queer creatives bringing the art to life both on and off the walls.

Hosted by MCs Fancy Piece in the entrance court, catch spoken word by Steven Oliver, performances from Kilia and The Huxley’s, live music from LadyHood and DJ sets from Sophie Forrest and the Dollar Bin Darlings. Examine the stunning art-shoe creations of choreographer and designer Novy, in Stiletto NB or fall in love with one of Sydney’s most beloved drag kings, Jayvante Swing.

Verushka Darling returns with her outrageously popular art tours and Sheba Williams gives you the chance to star in her immersive pantomime Shebalicious. Discover juicy facts about famous artworks with Queer art history talks from the Gallery’s library and archive team or draw inspiration from the performances with our mass drop-in drawing workshop. With live experiences taking place all over the Gallery, this is one magnificent celebration of the LGBTQI creative community that is not to be missed.

Wednesday 27 February 2018, 5-10pm


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Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

    • The Dollar Bin Darlings

      Wednesday 27 February 5pm – 6pm

      Wednesday 27 February 8pm – 8:45pm

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      The Dollar Bin Darlings believe that the joy and passion of disco is so infectious and so danceable that, armed with records that cost no more than one dollar, they can create a dancefloor so heaving and unrelenting that no one could say disco is dead. As well as regular gigs around Sydney, The Dollar Bin Darlings host their live analogue talk show Don’t go to bed (with the Dollar Bin Darlings) and ran parties in the Spiegeltent at the 2019 Sydney Festival. The Dollar Bin Darlings will kick off the night with their wild, disco tunes in the entrance court.

      Location: Entrance court

    • The Huxleys

      Wednesday 27 February 5:30pm – 6:15pm

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      Performance art duo The Huxleys are Will and Garrett Huxley, whose shared background in design, photography and performance has informed their practice—a living, ever-evolving collage of still images, moving image, costume and performance. The Huxleys have exhibited artwork in installations, fashion shows, performances and festivals across the world. Their work creates an iridescent hyper-real world, full of arresting shapes, lurid colour, extreme theatrics and an ethos of glamorous androgynous abandon.

      Location: Front of the Gallery

    • Verushka Darling

      Wednesday 27 February 5:30pm – 6pm

      Wednesday 27 February 6:30pm – 7pm

      Wednesday 27 February 7:30pm – 8pm

      Wednesday 27 February 8:30pm – 9pm

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      Verushka Darling is Australian drag royalty. She has changed the face of drag in Sydney and opened doors into the world of media, pop-culture and the mainstream through which others are now following. Returning for the third year of Queer Art After Hours, Verushka Darling will lead tours of the Art Gallery of NSW’s collection, revealing the real meanings behind the works.

      Location: 19th & 20th c European art

    • Drop in and draw

      Wednesday 27 February 6pm – 8pm

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      Our models leave some clothes on for these fun life-drawing workshops, featuring an array of models from the queer community. Get inspired by the performances in the entrance court as you get creative. With the guidance of our artist-educators, explore the nuances of line and form in this mass life drawing workshop. All levels of ability welcome. All materials are provided.

      Location: Lower level 2

    • Steven Oliver

      Wednesday 27 February 6pm – 6:15pm

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      Steven Oliver is an indigenous poet and rapper, actor, singer, dancer and writer. He is the creative force behind the ABC’s cult TV show, Black comedy. Since appearing at Art After Hours as the fabulous host of quiz show Faboriginal, Steven Oliver returns to the Gallery for a very special spoken word performance as part of Queer Art After Hours.

      Location: Entrance court

    • Queer Art History Talks

      Wednesday 27 February 6:15pm – 6:30pm

      Wednesday 27 February 7:15pm – 7:30pm

      Wednesday 27 February 8pm – 8:15pm

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      Learn stories from the Galleries archive and discover juicy facts about famous artworks in the collection, artists and their subjects with Queer Art History Talks from the Archive and Library team. Steven Miller, head of the Gallery’s archive and research library and Gallery archivist Eric Riddler share this rare chance for visitors to get a new insight into some of the Gallery’s collection.

      Location: 20th & 21st c Australian art

    • Sophie Forrest

      Wednesday 27 February 6:20pm – 7:30pm

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      Sophie is a Musician/Composer/DJ/Chef. Born in South Africa emigrating to Australia as a young child Sophie has a broad musical history, playing many instruments as a child eventually moving into electronic music in high school. Tonight she takes the stage with her DJ set which is inspired by soul, hip hop and jazz, while incorporating a focus on trans and womens rights.

      Location: Entrance court

    • Sheba Williams

      Wednesday 27 February 7pm – 7:30pm

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      Sheba Williams is a singer, MC and DJ who creates interactive performance pieces with a vivacious flair. She has performed around the world from Berlin to Shanghai, and has been part of sell-out seasons on the international festival circuit. For Queer Art After Hours, Sheba will perform her immersive pantomime Shebalicious – an intergalactic, interspecies, queer love-myth, starring members of the audience

      Location: Grand Courts

    • Novy Bereber

      Wednesday 27 February 7:30pm – 7:40pm

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      The frantic claquetty-racket of heels against polished mahogany are Novy’s first memories as he was brought up by five aunts and a grandmother in the old Spanish town of Ilo Ilo in the Philippines. Novy is a dancer, choreographer and designer who began his dancing career in his mid-teens. Novy moved to Sydney in 2010 and with partner Ignatius Jones, started the famous Stiletto Parties in Surry Hills. With a motto of ‘No stilettos, no entry’, the parties were renowned for amazingly creative stilettos and the art-shoe concept was born. This year, in a special commission with Mardi Gras, Novy will present Stiletto NB, an installation and performance work for Queer Art After Hours 2019.

      Location: Entrance court

    • Kilia Tipia

      Wednesday 27 February 7:45pm – 8pm

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      Kilia Tipa is a Sydney trans performer who has a dance practice based in hip hop and vogue. She is joined by other western Sydney performers Jamaica, who will be presenting original live music and Slè dancer Taimania. Slè is a vogue house who are comprised of trans, gender diverse performers and sisters founded by Bhenji Ra.

      Location: Entrance court

    • Jayvante Swing

      Wednesday 27 February 8:45pm – 8:50pm

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      Jayvante Swing is one of Sydney’s most beloved drag kings. Taking to stage when the scene was just emerging in 2003 at the Sly Fox for Kingki Kingdom, he is known for pioneering a smooth, sexy side to the artform. Performing at Sydney’s best-known nights and venues, like The Imperial Hotel for Drag’N’Dine, DTF, Queer Central, Queerbourhood at The Bearded Tit, Heaps Gay, Heartbreakers and Butch Stud. Jayvante Swing mixes his signature debonair style with gender illusion, guaranteeing that you too, will fall in love with this king.

      Location: Entrance court

    • Fancy Piece

      Wednesday 27 February 8:55pm – 9pm

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      Fancy Piece is the unholy union of Holly Bennett and Simone Craswell — and they’re coming for your soul. This queer performing arts duo have been stripping it off and whipping it out on stages from the Enmore Theatre to London’s Royal Vauxhall Tavern and the glamorous guts of Sydney’s queer wonderground. Always celebrating community and challenging assumptions with an iron fist in a sequinned glove, Fancy Piece will whip up a special performance on the main stage for Queer Art After Hours. As MC’s for the event, Fancy Piece will also host an array of performances on the main stage in the entrance court throughout the night.

      Location: Entrance court

    • LadyHood

      Wednesday 27 February 9pm – 9:30pm

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      LadyHood’s lightning-fast rise on the international music scene followed the success of their debut EP Finger On The Pulse, in 2015. Since then, LadyHood has been touring in the US and Europe. LadyHood’s musical style combines the well-crafted pop sensibilities of Sia, with the pumping, disco, glam-rock of Goldfrapp. Inspired by luminaries such as Prince and Freddy Mercury, LadyHood’s commanding on-stage presence is totally fearless. For the first time performing at Mardi Gras, LadyHood is excited to show Australia just why international audiences are getting 'wood’ for the ‘Hood.

      Location: Entrance court