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	Image: Akira Isogawa

Kamisaka Sekka celebrity events

Music and design

Image: Akira Isogawa

Wednesdays 18 July – 22 August 2012, 6.30pm


Duration 30 minutes
Location: Entrance court

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Music concert with Kizuna

Bonds of friendship through traditional Japanese music
Two veteran string players from Nagoya take their name ‘Kizuna’ from the word often heard since the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami to describe the connections between people that held the country together. Asako Iwasa (shamisen) and Etsuko Nakane (koto) have decades of experience between them and the spirit to express true bonds of friendship. They are joined by local koto players.


Wednesday 18 July 2012 6:30pm – 7pm

Akira Isogawa speaks to Emma Ayres

Emma Ayres, ABC Classic FM presenter, interviews fashion designer Akira Isogawa on his work in the exhibition and the influence of Kamisaka Sekka.


Wednesday 25 July 2012 6:30pm – 7pm

The music of Riley Lee

Riley Lee began playing the shakuhachi in 1971. He is the recipient of two of the oldest and most venerated lineages of traditional shakuhachi, which can be traced back to the Zen Buddhist komusô, or ‘priests of nothingness’ of the Edo period in Japan. In 1980, he became the first non-Japanese to attain the rank of dai shihan or Grand Master. For Zen monks, the shakuhachi was a spiritual tool, not a musical instrument. They also knew that the act of playing the shakuhachi relaxed the mind and body in many ways, and subsequently aided their meditation and contemplation.


Wednesday 1 August 2012 6:30pm – 7pm

The Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble

Satsuki Odamura is a koto virtuoso who moved to Australia in 1988 to pioneer this traditional Japanese instrument. Satsuki has collaborated with Australian musicians from a wide range of musical styles, including jazz and Western classical genres, expanding the repertoire and versatility of the koto. The Satsuki Odamura Koto Ensemble (Satsuki Odamura, Hitomi Kurosawa, Reiko Konno, Romi Hurley, Yuka Funabashi, Yukie Ota and Yuko Yamamoto) combine traditional and contemporary repertoire.


Wednesday 8 August 2012 6:30pm – 7pm

India Flint, textile artist and author

India Flint talks about the importance of innovative approaches to design, creating distinctive designs and her fascinating, ecologically sustainable practice.


Wednesday 15 August 2012 6:30pm – 7pm

Seiseki Umemura: ikebana floral sculpture demonstration

Seiseki Umemura is a practising teacher with the Australian Sogetsu Teachers Association (NSW branch). He received the highest rank of Riji diploma in 1995 from Mr Hiroshi Teshigahara, the late headmaster of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Tokyo. He conducts ikebana classes and demonstrations in Sydney and other Sogetsu branches in Australia and New Zealand. He is also a qualified master of Japanese tea ceremony and is accomplished in the art of Chinese brush painting.


Wednesday 22 August 2012 6:30pm – 7pm