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Dr David Malangi

(Australia 1927 – 19 Jun 1999)

Yathalamarra, Arnhem region, Ramingining, Arnhem region
Language group
Manyarrngu, Arnhem region

River mouth map

Other titles:
Abstract Glyde River mouth map
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This Dhamala is the river mouth where there are different types of shells and fish, then the same area, maybe two creeks. Datam – waterlily roots; Rakay, circle (water chesnut); freshwater but in the saltwater on a mud flat. This is our traditional area and that is why we don’t want any mining or balanda fishing there.

The river where we were walking is where our dreamings are. We have grown up with our culture and have kept it. Our sacred sites, our ceremonies, and secret dreamings. My people and ancestors have lived here for a long time. In other areas too people's ancestry goes back a long way – people still retain their laws and their culture and land.

Description of painting from upper left corner, Left hand side referes to the Ngurrunyuwa (eastern bank of the river) – Garangala Rock with Lunggu, Glyde River, Raga nuts, Creeks, Beach were Gunmirringu sat, Sea eagle tree, Conch shell. The right hand side of the bark refers to Dhamala (the western side of the bank), from upper right – Milmindjarrk waterhole, Bilma (clapsticks), Dhona (sacred digging stick), mud skipper, catfish.

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Place of origin
Ramingining, Central Arnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia
Bark painting
natural pigments on bark
136.0 x 73.0 cm (irreg.)
Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.

Purchased 1984
Accession number
© Malangi Estate. Licensed by Aboriginal Artists Agency Ltd