James Lynch

(1974 – )

I was running and running ...

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James Lynch is renowned for rendering his friend’s dreams in surreal video works that combine hand-drawn animation with live-action film. Lynch’s, I was running and running …, is based his friend Lisa’s dream. In it, a girl (presumably Lisa) runs through the streets of Melbourne with a moka coffee pot, stopping when she meets Lynch and a group of people holding empty mugs. Lynch often appears in his dream works; in this regard, they are uncanny and collaborative self-portraits stemming from his friend’s unconscious.

Lynch explains: ‘In some ways these are narratives based on an example of the unconscious process and how connected we are [1]’. Lynch reputedly spent 6 months animating this work, hand-drawing each frame with textas and pencils.

1. James Lynch quoted in Ashely Crawford, Art & Australia, vol 43, no 4, winter 2006, p 640

Time-based art
single channel digital video animation, colour, sound
duration: 00:05:30 mins, aspect ratio 4:3
Signature & date

Signed DVD, black fibre-tipped pen "James Lynch ...". Not dated.

Gift of ARTAND 2019. Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program
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