Zhong Shouren

(China, Taiwan 1927 – )

The surrounds of the green studio

Other titles:
Surrounded by Green Studio, The surrounds of a green studio
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Zhong Shouren (Chung Shoujen) is well recognised for his technique of painting bamboo. His works give a sense of strength and energy that he has dedicated to art throughout his life.

The inscription reads:
‘Lizai haoduan qizai xiong /
Fanteng zhiye wu changkong /
Mojiang badi feisheng qu /
Shijian hailiu junzi feng/’

“The strength comes from the brush-end
The spirit from my heart
Will the shifting sterns and leaves
Dance away in the air
Or still stay rooted in the soil?
The earth still should hold on to its ‘man of grace’.
Zhong shouren painted at 'Huanbi xuan (Surrounded by Green studio)' and dedicated it to the Art Gallery of New South Wales in the Early Autumn of 1994.”

Note: The reference to the ‘man of grace’ refers both to the Confucian idea of the man of virtue, upright and constant and to the bamboo which is always erect, is impervious to the changing seasons, and is open at its core, as the superior man is open to learning.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, April 1995.

Place of origin
hanging scroll; ink on paper
183.0 x 90.2 cm image
Signature & date

Signed and dated u.l., in Chinese, inscribed in black ink, "…the early Autumn of 1994…"
Signed c.l., in Chinese, stamped in red ink "Shouren [artist's seal]".

Gift of the artist 1995
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