An image of Four Dreamings

Carbiene Tjangala McDonald

(Australia 1961 – )

Papunya, Central Desert Region
Language group
Luritja, Pintupi/Western Arrernte/Central Desert region

Four Dreamings

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Carbiene Tjangala McDonald began painting through Papunya Tjupi art centre in Papunya, NT in 2018, when the centre extended its operations to include male artists. McDonald has quickly developed his own unique style, painting his country to the south-west of Papunya, in textural plains of muted colour.

In Four dreamings 2019 McDonald reminds us of the interconnected nature of Tjukurrpa and their innate connection to the country that is his inheritance. Within the work McDonald alludes to a series of waterholes running between Docker River and Kata Tjuta. Buried within the densely layered geometry of the composition, these waterholes reference McDonald’s deep knowledge of country handed down to him from his father. Painted in fields of mosaics, the work provides a compelling image of a vast area of country.

McDonald’s practice is informed by the rich history of painting in Papunya, which unfolded before his very eyes and his recent enthusiasm for painting is reminiscent of that held by the artists who painted in the 1970s. Like them, McDonald is remembering his country, while living some distance from it.

Place of origin
Papunya, Northern Territory, Australia
synthetic polymer paint on linen
152.0 x 183.0 cm
Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors 2019
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