Gabriel Orozco

(Mexico 27 Apr 1962 – )

Polvo Impreso

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Lint Book
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These twelve configurations appeared while imprinting layers of lint on to a copper plate. The lint was obtained from clothes drying machines. They are familiar residues from washing and drying our everyday clothes. They are twelve skins of dust, leftovers from textile fabrics and from our bodies: they contain human skin and hair. We made 12 etchings mechanically obtained as images and mechanically reproduced as prints. Twelve compositions of particles that we witnessed and kept in time with ink and paper. Twelve became an image, but dust and image are contrary. Dust tends to cover the image and to convert it into an object. Dust converts the window into the wall. Dust is space but not a landscape. There is no illusion, just the illusion of an illusion. And this is a book, dust flies away, and when we read it, like any book, we read an image in spite of dust.

Gabriel Orozco, text panel in English

boxed portfolio of twelve soft ground etchings with chine collé
12 etchings: each 20.1 x 16.9 cm platemark; 43.0 x 37.5 cm sheet
Signature & date

Signed l.r.corner each sheet, pencil "GABRIEL OROZCO". Not dated.

Purchased 2004
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