Tang Hengwen

(China late 19th century – early 20th century)

Ouyang Xiu's 'On the Clique' in regular script

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Tang Hengwen, alias Ziyou, was the brother-in-law of Duan Fang. The essay 'Pengdang lun (On the clique)' was written by Ouyang Xiu (1007-1072), a statesman, historian and poet of the Song dynasty. This piece was painted by Tang for Tao Zhongchen [mother of the donor of this piece, Nancy Lee]. Regular script developed at the end of the Han dynasty, but reached its zenith in the 7th century. One of the most famous calligraphers of this style at the time was Yan Zhenqing (709-785), whose style - bold and vigorous - was imitated by many who came after him, including in this work. The seal that appears at the end of the calligraphy reads 'Ziyou', the alias of Tang Hengwen.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, June 2008.

Place of origin
ink on silk
19.7 cm diam.
Gift of Ms Nancy Lee 2008
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