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Catherine O'Donnell

(1961 – )

Inhabited Space

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Catherine O’Donnell’s highly refined and technically impressive charcoal drawings of the urban environment are a combination of social critique, formalist aesthetics and narrative. She finds beauty and a shared humanity in overlooked pockets of the world that are fundamental to the identity of those who occupy them.

This monumental installation refashions one architectural form, the post-war fibro house of Western Sydney, onto another, the wall of an art gallery. More than an anonymous box with a blank façade, it is very like the home in which the artist grew up and formed her earliest memories.

The work’s scale encourages a physical as well as psychological experience in the viewer. There are occasional, subtle visual interferences that imply a human presence suggesting a life, or lives, within.
O’Donnell’s method combines working from memory and photographs, as well as close observation.

charcoal on three sheets of paper, charcoal wall drawing
installation dimensions variable :
a - triple window; 152.4 x 237.6 cm; 152.4 x 237.1 cm sheet size; 146.3 x 228.8 cm image size
b - double window; 152.4 x 179.1 cm; 152.4 x 146.6 cm sheet size; 171.8 x 178.7 cm image size
c - doorway; 201.6 x 152.4 cm; 201.6 x 152.4 cm sheet size; 148.3 x 192. 3 cm image size
Purchased with funds provided by the Gil & Shay Docking Drawing Fund 2017
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