An image of Couplet in regular script (named side only)

Zhu Ruzhen

(China 1870 – 1942)

Couplet in regular script (named side only)

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Zhu Ruzhen was a native of Qingyuan, Guangdong Province. Born into a poor family, his father died when he was young. In 1904 he passed the metropolitan examination to receive his 'jinshi' degree, taking second place. As a compiler of the Hanlin Academy, he was chosen to study law in Japan in 1905. Upon his graduation and return to China, he became a professor at the Law School in Beijing. He resettled in Hong Kong after China became a republic, and taught at Hong Kong University. His calligraphy was based on the 'guan’ge ti' (a style based on regular script but well-knit), required for the imperial civil service examination.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, April 2009.

Place of origin
hanging scroll; ink on paper
155.5 x 37.1 cm
Gift of Dr. James Hayes 2009
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