An image of Syaw (Fish-net)

Regina Pilawuk Wilson

(Australia 1948 – )

Peppimenarti, Fitzmaurice region
Language group
Ngangikurrunggurr, Fitzmaurice region

Syaw (Fish-net)

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Born in 1948 in the Daly river region, Regina Pilawuk Wilson now lives and works at Peppimenarti, Northern Territory. Wilson established this community with her husband Harold Wilson, for the Ngangikurrungurr people in 1973 and it is now home to her large extended family. Wilson is the leading artist working through Durrmu Arts, the community arts organisation based in Peppimenarti.

Wilson’s practice stems from an immense knowledge of culture and her environment - how to harvest, treat and dye natural fibres, as well as perform the art of masterfully weaving the materials. This is a precious and time-consuming skill and Wilson is widely recognised as an exceptional weaver.

Wilson began painting in the early 2000s, translating the weft and weave of her baskets and mats into delicate marks of acrylic paint on canvas. Her decision to do this was informed by a desire to communicate the complexity of such objects in a medium that could be more readily shared with a broader audience. Through painting, Wilson is preserving weaving expertise and offering the world a form of practice that visually, physically and culturally translates in a completely different way. Only a virtuoso is capable developing and executing such translation with apparent ease and undeniable success.

Place of origin
Daly River, Northern Territory, Australia
Cultural origin
Ngangikurrunggurr, Fitzmaurice region
synthetic polymer paint on linen
209.0 x 158.0 cm
Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors' Group 2019
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© The artist. Durrmu Arts, Peppimenarti