An image of Delphi

Lloyd Rees

(Australia 17 Mar 1895 – 02 Dec 1988)

Delphi, detached leaf from Sketchbook no. 11: Italy, Greece, Paris 1966

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Hillside in Greece
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In a letter to friends Joe and Lorraine Haines dated 14 October 1966, Rees wrote:

"We found on returning to Athens we had about 4 days wait for this ship to take us back to Venice & so spent two of them on a trip to Delphi. Hotel built on edge of precipice - one entered at top & went down 6 floors in lift. Our room with balcony looked down into the immense gorge with its river winding among the mountains to the Gulf of Corinth.

On the floor of the valley [there is] supposedly the largest olive grove in Europe (two million trees!) And towering above was Mount Parnassus. What a site! In fact what a genius the Greeks had for their temples & their theatres. Imagine the superstitious going to Delphi to consult the Oracle having their bones turned to jelly when faced with such awesomeness. And then believing everything they were told!!"

from Hendrik Kolenberg, "Lloyd Rees in Europe", AGNSW, Sydney, 2002, pg. 96

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Drawing, Sketchbook
pen, black ink, carbon pencil and watercolour
11.3 x 20.2 cm sheet (irreg.)
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