An image of Autumn Moon festival (Sharad purnima)

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Autumn Moon festival (Sharad purnima)

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A 'pichhavai' is a large painting produced to be hung in a Pushti Marg (Path of Grace) shrine. The Pushti Marg is a Hindu sect that focuses on the worship of Krishna. This shrine hanging depicts the 'Sharad purnima' festival, which takes place during the Autumn full moon. The image shows Krishna in the form of Shri Nathji with his hand raised in dance, and surrounded by milkmaids (gopis). His feet pointing to each side and his rounded face both suggest a mid-nineteenth century date. The white background behind Krishna is a curtain the colour of moonlight appropriate for the time of year and the festival of the Autumn moon. In the starry sky are six flying boats holding gods and sages. The inset images below the main one represent people and events connected with the Pushti Marg sect. The large lower panel displays the Govardhan 'puja' (when Krishna’s defeat of Indra is celebrated) on the left. On the right the 'gopis' gather around Krishna. At the bottom of the painting is a narrow strip of water filled with lotus leaves and flowers. This represents the Yamuna River, the site of many of Krishna’s life events.

Place of origin
Nathdwara, Rajasthan, India
mid 19th century
shrine hanging (pichhavai); opaque watercolour on cotton
271.8 x 251.5 cm
Purchased 2011
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