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Cloth with banded design of stylised animals

Other titles:
Ceremonial sash with banded design of stylised animals
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This may be an old-style shoulder cloth ('phae kep') from the Muang Phan region as it is blue rather than the common red colour. The decoration is very similar to red Muang Phan shoulder cloths. The piece is composed of indigo-blue silk with bands of continuous supplementary weft yarns. These extra yarns are of varying colours and some have been wrapped with gold-coloured metal. The motifs include birds, four-legged animals, stripes, and an imitation fringe pattern (soi saa) that relates to designs found on the borders of Thai and Cambodian 'ikat' textiles and is a protective motif.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, December 2011

Place of origin
Muang Phan, Northern Laos, Laos
late 19th century-early 20th century
silk, aniline dyes, metal-wrapped threads; continuous supplementary weft weaving
38.1 x 155.0 cm
Gift of Nomadic Rug Traders 2003
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