An image of Returning home from gathering fungus

Wang Jianzhang

(China  – )

Returning home from gathering fungus

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‘The isolation of the figure in the painting the dongtian-like mountain sets, and the magic fungus, all evoke the Daoist idea of individuals seeking spiritual freedom and immortality in the great mountains. Wang Jianzhang was born in Quanzhou in Fujian province, where local histories document his skill at drawing but little more is known of him. Some of his landscape paintings reached Japan (the source of this painting), probably through monks of the Obaku sect of Zen Buddhism, which was transferred to Japan after the fall of the Ming. The poem reads:

Trees on the cliff cage clouds, half moist.
The brushwood gate beside a steam is newly opened.
Facing the dawn, I seek for a poem, all alone;
As I gather fungus the sun sets, and I return.’

‘The Asian Collections: Art Gallery of New South Wales’. pg.148.
© 2003 Trustees, Art Gallery of New South Wales

Place of origin
China: Ming dynasty 1368–1644, Chongzhen 1628–1644
hanging scroll; ink and slight colour on paper
85.4 x 51.2 cm image; 193.0 x 72.0 cm scroll
Signature & date

Signed and dated u.l. corner., in Chinese, inscribed in black ink "...on the day of the Duanyang (fifth of the fifth month), in the year of Wuchen (1628) painted and inscribed by Wang Jianzhang".
Signed u.l. corner., in Chinese stamped in red ink, "Yu Laixuan [artist's seals]”.
Signed u.l. corner., in Chinese stamped in red ink, “Wang Jianzhang [artist's seals]".

Purchased with funds provided by Edward Sternberg 1991
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