An image of Shani, personification of the planet Saturn

Unknown Artist

Shani, personification of the planet Saturn

Other titles:
Figure of Sani
Upper Asian gallery
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Shani (Saturn) the slow mover, is the son of the solar deity Rudra (Siva-Rudra). In this sensuous small bronze of Shani, the forward and backward thrust of the legs, the motioning of the arms and hands, and the rhythmic sideward turning of the relaxed frontal torso combine to create a graceful posture symbolic of contained energy and celestial movement. Large numbers of bronzes were produced in the Pala period, most of them for private worship.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, October 1991

Place of origin
Kurkihar, Bihar, India
India: Pala Period circa 760–1142
late 10th century-early 11th century
copper alloy
14.5 cm
Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.

Gift of the Margaret Hannah Olley Art Trust 1991
Accession number
Collection Beurdeley Matthews, London, 1981, London/England, as published in 'Indo-Tibetan Bronzes' by U. von Schroeder, London 1981.
Stewart Giles, pre Apr 1991, Adelaide/South Australia/Australia, purchased through Aegidea Ancient and Fine Art (art dealership), Adelaide and Brian Moore (art dealership), Sydney by Margaret Olley and donated to the Art Gallery New South Wales, Sydney, Oct 1991.