An image of Marshal Deng (Deng Yuanshuai)

Yao people

(China  – )

Marshal Deng (Deng Yuanshuai)

Other titles:
Tang Yun-suei
Upper Asian gallery
Further information

Marshal Deng is one of the Marshals of the Daoist pantheon. The Marshals are guardians who protect and block the way of demons attempting to enter the sacred ritual area. Marshal Deng is always placed at either end of the set or at the entrance of a sacred space. He is most likely a Thunder God, hence is surrounded by lightening and has thunder wings. He has a green face, tusks for teeth, and often holds a short dagger and weapons. The two smaller figures below are also Marshals; on the left, Ma and on the right possibly Xin.

Reference: Jacques Lemoine, 'Yao Ceremonial Paintings', 1982.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, 2007.

Place of origin
Yunnan Province, China
Cultural origin
circa 1850s
pigment on paper
123.8 x 51.7 cm
Gift of Dr John Yu and Dr George Soutter 2006
Accession number
John Yu, 1980s-2006, Sydney/New South Wales/Australia, the nine Yao ceremonial paintings donated by Dr John Yu were purchased from different locations including Xian in Shaanxi province of China, Bangkok, Shanghai and Hong Kong.