An image of brocade tube skirt ('tembe' or 'kere')

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brocade tube skirt ('tembe' or 'kere')

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This 'tembe' or 'kere' is woven in two sections, which are joined together and seamed to form a tube. The section of the sarong that is worn at the front is woven in a banded pattern in shades of red and decorated in an elaborate design with stylised motifs of birds, deer, ships, figures and trees in a supplementary weft metallic weave. The back of the garment is less elaborate with a green plaid pattern decorated with a design of eight-petalled flowers in metallic thread. As this textile is in very good condition and of high quality, it is probable that it once belonged to a sultan or a member of the aristocracy.
Asian Art Department, AGNSW, August 2000

Place of origin
Sumbawa, Indonesia
Cultural origin
Semawa people
20th century
cotton, dyes, metallic thread; supplementary weft weave
125.8 x 89.0 cm
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Not signed. Not dated.

Bequest of Alex Biancardi 2000
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