Arakawa Takeo

(Japan 1913 – )

Bowl with design of cherry blossoms and maple leaves

Other titles:
Mino ware bowl with design of cherry blossom and maple leaf
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When cherry blossoms and autumn maples are combined as a motif, it is called 'cloud and brocade', referring to the cherry blossoms of Mount Yoshino and the maple leaves floating in Tatsuta River respectively. The poetic metaphors were originally made by the 7th century court poet Kakinomoto (no) Hitomaro, who was described as a saint of poetry in the 10th century 'Kokinshu', an anthology of ancient and contemporary poems.

Arakawa Takeo is the first son of Arakawa Toyozo (1894-1985), who was instrumental in rediscovering the Momoyama period kiln sites that produced Shino ware, and succeeded in recreating the characteristic luscious Shino glaze, the technique for which had been forgotten. Arakawa continues his father's passion for various traditional styles of tea wares.

The Asian Collections, AGNSW, 2003, pg.202.

Place of origin
Japan: Shôwa period 1926–1988
20th century
stoneware with overglaze enamel
8.8 x 26.6 cm
Signature & date

Artist's mark on base, ink, inscribed. Not dated.
Artist's mark on lid [associated NWA box], ink, inscribed. Not dated.

Gift of Rev. Muneharu Kurozumi 1981
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