Ian Burns

(Australia, United States of America 1964 – )

Across the Nile

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Ian Burns's sculptural-video work 'Across the Nile' 2008 addresses production and consumption and screen culture in our postmodern world. Burns's 'Across the Nile' is a kinetic assemblage of everyday items and technology that have been sourced from building supplies and homeware shops. Burns's irreverent re-contextualisation considers aesthetic and cultural values upheld by both artist and viewer in an amusing and playful manner. Amongst the heap, a computer monitor displays an animated video of pyramids in the desert which has been autogenously produced by the work 'filming itself' with a camera. Jonathan T.D. Neil has commented on the exploration of simulation and representation in Burns's practice which blurs distinctions between concepts and media: 'mimesis arises as an emergent property of Burns's art, an ontological reality that is separate and distinct from any part of the apparatus itself' [1].

1. Jonathan T.D. Neil. 'Future greats', Art Review, March 2008, p 92

Sculpture, Time-based art
found object sculpture producing live video and audio
135.0 x 180.0 x 150.0 cm
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Gift of Christopher Hodges and Helen Eager 2016. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts program
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