An image of Seated Buddha

Unknown Artist

Seated Buddha

Upper Asian gallery
Further information

This seated meditating Buddha is shown in 'virasana', a 'half-lotus pose', in a style typical of the Sri Lankan Buddha image. The rounded face with a rather short neck is framed by a neat helmet of tight curls crowned with a distinctive 'ushnisha' in the shape of a flame set with a jewel (now missing). The shoulders of this Buddha are broad and the body is firm and strong. He is clothed in a simple, smooth robe worn in what is known as the open mode - that is, with one shoulder bare. The Buddha is shown in 'dhyanamudra', the gesture of perfect balance and meditation, with the arms resting near his feet with palms facing upwards. This Buddha image is characteristic of the post-Polonnaruva style of image. The simplicity and balance of this piece maintains an air of stillness and peace.

Asian Art Department, AGNSW, 2000.

Place of origin
Polonnaruva, Sri Lanka
14th century
copper alloy, gold leaf
11.0 x 8.0 x 4.0 cm object; 11.7 x 9.0 x 5.2 cm object with stand
Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.

Bequest of Alex Biancardi 2000
Accession number
Alex Biancardi, pre Nov 1998, Sydney/New South Wales/Australia, bequeathed to the Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2000.