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Male figure

Other titles:
Male decoy figure
Not on display
Place of origin
Gimi village, Okapa District, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
Cultural origin
probably Fore people
mid 20th century
collected 1964
Mixed media, Sculpture
wood, iron nails, feathers, yellow orchid stem fibre (Dendrobium), glass beads, red synthetic pigment, black pigment, nassa shells (Nassarius), pig tusks, coix seeds (Coix lacryma-jobi), black seeds, plant fibre string, barkcloth, split rattan, marsupial fur, looped plant-fibre string, pale red and brown plant dyes, bast fibre, sedge grass
150.0 x 31.0 x 17.0 cm :
a - figure; 150 cm; height
b - barkcloth head adornment; 30 cm; length approx.
c - shell headdress; 31 cm; length
d - pig tusk nose ornament; 12.8 cm; length longest tusk
e - coix seed waist decoration; 18 cm; diameter approx.
f - plant fibre string headdress; 17 cm; length approx.
g - feathered headdress; 31 cm; diameter
h - plaited string waist decoration; 17 cm; diameter
i - grass lap lap; 34 x 25 cm; diameter approx.
j - grass lap lap with double ply string; 25 x 23 cm; length, without handle
k - black bead waist decoration; 20 cm
l - bilum; 31 cm
Purchased 1977
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