An image of The good looking print or Harry was right

Jan Senbergs

(Australia, Latvia 29 Oct 1939 – )

The good looking print or Harry was right

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"When I was doing these prints and as I was coming to a conclusion to them, I also realized that I was handling it in a more sophisticated way. The prints were becoming more refined, more in control, in a way they were cooler, so I started this print as a cooler, more decorative, floating kind of print, with these images in the middle. I was sending myself up in the title, saying, 'this is a good looking print. It's getting too good looking.' 'Harry was right' was simply a literary sort of thing. I was sitting in a train and there was a couple talking (I was reading a book) and then somebody emphasized in their conversation 'Harry was right'. [laughter] That was the trigger. It's as simple as that. The name ‘Harry’ itself sounds absurd. It was like a postscript. Totally absurd, slightly surreal, partly self-mocking … I was confident, it's nice to be confident because most of the time you are full of self doubt. But it was a period when I was getting too confident. That print is almost a summation – it's time I left this more detached way of working. It was time to leave it alone, go back to the mark."

Jan Senbergs
[Hendrik Kolenberg, Jan Senbergs complete screenprints 1960-88, pg 69]

colour screenprint on Fabriano paper
55.5 x 81.3 cm image; 69.2 x 98.6 cm sheet
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Signed and dated l.r., pencil ".... J. Senbergs '75 ..."

Gift of the artist 2008
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