An image of barrangal dyara (skin and bones)

Jonathan Jones

(Australia 1978 – )

Sydney, South-east region
Language group
Wiradjuri, Southern Riverine region, Kamilaroi, Northern Riverine region

barrangal dyara (skin and bones)

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The Wiradjuri, Kamilaroi artist Jonathan Jones, works across a range of mediums, from printmaking and drawing to sculpture and film. He creates site-specific installations and interventions into space that use light, subtle shadow and the repetition of shape and materiality to explore Indigenous practices, relationships and ideas. Jones often works with everyday materials to explore relationships between community and the individual, the personal and public, historical and contemporary.

At the heart of Jones’ practice is the act of collaborating, and many projects have seen him work in conjunction with other artists and communities to develop outcomes that acknowledge local knowledge systems to connect particular sites with local concerns.

Jonathan Jones
barrangal dyara (skin and bones), 2016

Gypsum, stereo soundscape of the Sydney Language and Gamilaraay, Gumbaynggirr, Gunditjmara, Ngarrindjeri, Paakantji, Wiradjuri and Woiwurrung languages

For the language soundscapes, thank you to all the communities and language holders who contributed. For the Sydney Language, thanks to Uncle Chicka Madden and family, Summer Loggins, Lille Madden, Madeleine Madden, Miah Madden and Ruby Madden, and thanks to Jeremy Steele. For Gamilaraay, thanks to Aaron Ellis and the children of Tamworth Public School and Walhallow Public School (Chris Brown-Johnson, Ruby Clegg, Jacinta Coe, Sophie Cooper, Baxter Daly, Maddison Dawson, Daniel Dunn, Grace Ellis, Noah Evans, Jalira Hunt, Ziva Jordan, Matthew Kingdom, Klallin Knox, Isabelle Kolesnikoff, Jeremaia Marawa, Amelia McGinty, Connor McLean, Samantha Morgan, Amarni Nean, Briseis Nean, Curtis Nean, Dylan Newman, Stephanie Nnorom, Willow Oldknow, Pavneet Singh, Jackson Solberg-Follington, Callum Steibert, Charlotte Steibert, Grace Storch and Jymaya Waters). For Gumbaynggirr, thanks to Michael Jarrett, Jenni Farrands, Muurrbay Aboriginal Language and Culture Cooperative, 3rd Space Mob Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation and the children of Bellingen High School, Macksville High School, Nambucca Heads High School and Bowraville Central School (Tahahni Berge, Dylan Berger, Brendon Brown, Ricky Buchanan, Olivia Bula-Ratuverebukui, Hannah Campbell, Eachan Clarke, Lenny Davis-Bull, Timmy Davis-Bull, McKye Davis-Tucknott, Danielle Dent, Shaina-Lee Donovan, Marcus Duckott, Antoinette Edwards, Paul Evans, Savanah Fraser, Milah Hollinsworth, Martikka Hunter, Isaac Jarrett, Kahtarni Jarrett, Kasharni Jarrett, Shantahla Jarrett-Marks, Lisa Kelly, Lindsay Kingsley, Daryll Lockwood, Conway Marshall, Fiona McAulay, Jessica McEwen, Rowena McGregor, Gloria Mercy, Hayley Mitchell, Kaylah Caroline Naden, Trista Richards, Rosie Stephen, Louie Taverner, Simo Waterboy, Renee Watson-Jarrett, Mark Werner and Michael White with Uncle Martin Ballo). For Gunditjmara, thanks to Joel Wright, Vicki Couzens and the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages. For Ngarrindjeri, thanks to Aunty Verna Koolmatrie and the Raukkan Ngarrindjeri community. For Paakantji, thanks to Warlpa Thompson, Kayleen Kerwin, William Mitchell, AJ Williams and the Paakantji Language Circle. For Woiwurrung, thanks to my Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin. For Wiradjuri, thanks to Uncle Stan Grant Senior, Geoff Anderson, Lionel Lovett, Donna Payne, Skye Harris, Lyretta Gilby, Ron Wardrop and the children of Parkes Public School, Parkes East Public School, Middleton Public School, Parkes High School and Holy Family Primary School (Kieran Baker, Lara Bennett, Kade Crist, Levi Edwards, Nicayden Greenwood, Caitlin Herft, Rebecca Kearney, Bayden Maran, Chelsea McGarrity, Ellynia Redfern, Trudy Richardson, Michael Riley, Samantha Riley, Kyah Turnbull and Ella Ward).

Place of origin
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Cultural origin
Wiradjuri, Southern Riverine region/Kamilaroi, Northern Riverine region
Gypsum, audio of Sydney Language and Gamilaraay, Gumbaynggirr, Gunditjmara, Ngarrindjeri, Paakantji, Wiradjuri and Woiwurrung languages
installation dimension variable, approximately 4,000 shields
Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.

Gift of John Kaldor and the artist 2017. Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program
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© Jonathan Jones