An image of Salt lines: play it as it soundsAn image of Salt lines: play it as it soundsAn image of Salt lines: play it as it sounds

Lauren Brincat

(Australia 1980 – )

Salt lines: play it as it sounds

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'Salt Lines: play it as it sounds' (2015–16), is an epic sculptural instrument fashioned from sailcloth, which is continually reconfigured in allusion to shifting tidal currents. The expansion and contraction of the object evokes the ebb and flow of the world ocean according to tides and currents, and perhaps also – given the explicit labour of its rearrangement – the impact of human behaviour on this vast shared resource, particularly the rise of sea levels due to climate change. The bespoke woollen hand grips (known as 'sallys' in the field of sailing), allude to the task of marine navigation, while the custom-made church bell ropes frame the subtle sonic effects produced by manoeuvring the sailcloth as musical in their own way.

Sculpture, Textile, Time-based art
sail cloth, church bell ropes, brass, performed maintenance action
dimensions variable
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Viktoria Marinov Bequest Fund 2016
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