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Jude Rae

(Australia 1956 – )

Interior 370 (foyer I)

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Jude Rae is well known as a painter of still life subjects, and yet she has concurrently painted portraits and interiors. All three strands of her practice share an impassive and minimal, realist aesthetic. Rae has characterised her paintings of interiors - which include airport terminals, corridors and office blocks - as being about representing space. Empty of humans, the focus is on the architecture and the interplay of light, colour and form. These large-scale works share the intensity and focus of Rae's smaller still life paintings.

In 'Interior 370 (foyer I)' 2017 Rae has painted the foyer of the recently built ANZ tower that runs between Castlereagh and Pitt streets in central Sydney. Light from the windows and reflections in the shiny surfaces of the foyer serve to dematerialise form and to emphasis the closeness of representation and abstraction, a proximity we experience visually every day without necessarily being aware of it. As with all of Rae's practice, the attention to the formal and material aspects of painting encourages a more reflective and considered approach to the complexities of visual experience.

oil on linen
260.0 x 198.0 cm stretcher
Signature & date

Signed and dated upper c. verso on canvas, black oil? "Jude Rae 2017/ ...".

Purchased with funds donated by Ken Coles AM and Rowena Danziger AM 2017
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