Sudarshan Shetty

(India 1961 – )

From here to there and back again

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The sculpture’s panels of finely carved scrolling floral and foliate designs are reminiscent of enlarged Indian wooden carvings and perforated jali screens used in architecture, particularly Mughal architecture, to let in light and air while offering protection from heat and prying eyes.

In 'From here to there and back again' a central stack of suitcases is partially concealed by the perforated dome. The shape of the dome follows the proportions of lingas and linga covers prominent in Hindu art, where they are usually associated with the god Shiva whose aniconic representation takes the form of a phallus (linga).

Sudarshan Shetty is known for his work in painting, installation, video and assemblage and has been included in a wide range of significant international exhibitions including 'Paris-Delhi-Bombay' at the Pompidou, Paris, in 2011 and 'Contemplating the void' at the Guggenheim, New York, in 2010 as well as at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and Tate Modern. He was curator and artistic director of the third Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2016-17.

Place of origin
Installation, Sculpture
wood, suitcases, motor
275.0 x 183.0 x 183.0 cm
Purchased with the support of the Indian Travellers’ Fund, DG Wilson Bequest Fund, Gene Sherman AM and Brian Sherman AM , Geoff Ainsworth AM and Johanna Featherstone, 2017
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© Sudarshan Shetty