Milton Budge

(Australia 1941 – )

Kempsey, South-east region
Language group
Ngaku, South-east region

Three and a half

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Further information

"Painting completed in bushland scenery setting. Trees, bushes and their shade. Branches, twigs and dead logs and stumps.

The changing of the life style. Bark hut has a curtain floorway, cooking with pots and pans, water tin with dipper near hut, fishing with line on bottle. Man and woman wear clothes, tied with belt rope.

Woomera and spear nearby. Spear Broken – Broken Spear, Broken Spirit.
White man exchanges his ‘Tucka, Bacca …to Aboriginal man, for the need to fulfil his sexual desires. Woman turns away, but Aboriginal man forces her. Because to survive he must turn to white man and so…..

Dogs bark at white man and little boy behind dad. Trees debarked behind hut, but forky stick. Creek bed shows bank and weeds. Skin rugs near hut.
Clearly shows – Three and a Half. Aboriginal man, woman and little boy – and a small half-caste boy play with stick and dog."

Milton Budge, 1990

Place of origin
New South Wales, Australia
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
59.5 x 119.5 x 2.2 cm stretcher
Signature & date

Not signed. Not dated.

Purchased 1994
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