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Anne Judell

(Australia 1942 – )


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'The chosen work demands attention by calling softly. In a world of clashes and chaos, this work speaks of something different. With dense layers and subtle surfaces it talks of the mystery of growth, of essences and fragility, of quiet
contemplation. It is like a thought once understood and lost, which one tries to grasp again.' (Guy Warren, 2011).

Anne Judell’s 'Breath' evokes smoke, drifting clouds, organic entities or simply the ineffable. Although she looks closely at nature, Judell stated that in 'Breath' she was ‘exploring a way to show the fundamental truth of matter’. Her principal interest lies in the connection between ancient Buddhist wisdom and current scientific discoveries in quantum physics, in the constant formation and dissolution of molecules. She says, ‘I work very lightly with many many layers of pastel until some form asserts itself. This is then refined with graphite and more layers. I’m attempting to reach that very elusive point where they are neither form nor formless.’ For Judell, the drawing describes an emotional state and is, in essence, abstract. She feels that it is necessary to give time to the work, to allow it to be felt, to resonate with the viewer. She states on the subject of her practice that, ‘art, for me, is the mystery itself, as well as the means to explore the mystery’.

Place of origin
Robertson, New South Wales, Australia
pastel, graphite, black gesso on paper
52.0 x 37.0 cm each sheet; 73.0 x 56.0 x 3.5 cm each frame :
a - left panel, 52 x 37 cm
b - centre panel, 52 x 37 cm
c - right panel, 52 x 37 cm
Signature & date

Signed verso each sheet.

Gift of the Trustees of the Sir William Dobell Art Foundation 2012
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© Anne Judell