An image of 'Value added' landscape no. 11

Ian Burn

(Australia, United States of America 29 Dec 1939 – 29 Sep 1993)

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'Value added' landscape no. 11

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'Value added' landscape no. 11 is one of a series of ''Value added' landscape' paintings created by the late conceptual artist Ian Burn from 1992-93. It is a significant work that synthesises Burn's thinking on the tradition of Australian landscape painting, representation, language, art-making and its reception.

The painting incorporated into 'Value added' landscape no. 11 is an amateur landscape collected from a market or junk shop which the artist has then overlaid with text on Perspex. Burn explained that this phrase 'at alternate moments, describes the picture, addresses the viewer and reflects on itself as text'. The effect of mirroring and reflection is an important aspect of Burn's work from the late 1960s onwards which implicates the viewer and the location of the artwork as essential to how we 'read' it.

Mixed media painting
oil and ink on board, transparent synthetic polymer resin
59.0 x 87.0 x 10.5 cm
Rudy Komon Memorial Fund 2003
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