Mavis Ganambarr

(Australia 27 Dec 1965 – )

Rorruwuy, Arnhem region, Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island), Arnhem region
Language group
Datiwuy, Arnhem region

Feather necklace

Not on display
Further information

Ganambarr was born at Matamata outstation, but now resides at Galiwin'ku (Elcho Island). She was taught to weave by her grandmother. She held her first solo exhibition in 2001 at Bandigan Arts and Crafts, Sydney and has since exhibited in the South Australian Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and Art Galleries of the Northern Territory.

Ganambarr has said of her work:

"I found… weaving when I was about 19, but when I first started learning with my grandmother was when I was little, when I was growing and watching all my grandmother and my grandmother and all my aunties. I grew up in the bush.

It's important, so part of doing our art is keeping our country strong, so when new generations grow they know what to do. They don’t have to go through reading books or asking questions.

In my mind I'm always hoping that all kids, the Indigenous kids – I hope and wish for them to learn more and they get an understanding more what this has meant to the Indigenous people."

Place of origin
Elcho Island, Northern Territory, Australia
Weaving, Jewellery, Botanical material, Animal material
pandanus, bush string and feathers
[dimensions to come]
Purchased with funds provided by the Aboriginal Collection Benefactors' Group 2010
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