An image of Grade society figure (Male half figure)

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Grade society figure (Male half figure)

Other titles:
Carved figure (Grade-symbol of a male half figure)
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The tree fern (Cycas) is one of the most sacred plants in Vanuatu. Its importance is such that it figures in the country's coat of arms. The starchy pith of the plant provides a flour similar to that of the sago palm.

Other parts of the tree are used in medicinal preparations intended to treat poisonous bites. Images carved out of the trunk are important symbols at funeral ceremonies, and other totems are used to delimit sacred areas.

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Place of origin
Ambrym Island, Malampa Province, Republic of Vanuatu
Cultural origin
Ambrym people
carved Cycas (tree fern)
80.0 cm height
Purchased 1964
Accession number