An image of Pair of tea bowls and saucers and a sugar bowl and cover

Chantilly porcelain manufactory

(France 1730 – circa 1800)

Pair of tea bowls and saucers and a sugar bowl and cover

15th–19th c European art
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The porcelain body is covered by an opaque white tin glaze. The shapes derive from Japanese porcelain, but the pattern is a rare one which may derive from a non-porcelain prototype. Many examples of oriental design in various media were available in the prince de Condé’s collection. Samples from the collection were illustrated by Jean-Antoine Fraisse in his’ Livre de desseins chinois (Book of Chinese designs)’ published in 1735.

circa 1730-1735
hard-paste porcelain
Sugar bowl 5.3 x 7.3 cm diam; cover 2.6 x 8.6 cm diam; combined 7.0 x 8.6 cm diam; teabowls (both) 4.6 x 6.3 cm diam; saucers 2.5 x 11.3 cm diam and 2.6 x 11.5 cm diam; combined height (both) 5.2 cm :
a - tea bowl 1; 4.6 x 6.3 cm
b - saucer 1; 2.5 x 11.3 cm
c - tea bowl 2; 4.6 x 6.3 cm
d - saucer 2; 2.6 x 11.5 cm
e - sugar bowl; 5.3 x 7.3 cm
f - cover; 2.6 x 8.6 cm
On loan from Kenneth Reed
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