Artists in their studios: Dobell Biennial 2014

In this series of video interviews, some of the artists in Drawing out: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2014 talk about their practice and the art of drawing.

Tom Carment

Questions and activities

  • Describe Tom Carment’s creative process.
  • Does this process inform the finished work?
  • How does he use his studio? Is this something you would expect?

Joe Furlonger

Questions and activities

  • What does Joe Furlonger take with him to sketch the landscape?
  • Why does the drawing practice of German artist Ernst Ludwig Kirchner resonate with him?
  • What is Furlonger looking for in a landscape?

Ana Pollak

Questions and activities

  • How does looking at nature feed Ana Pollak’s ideas?
  • What is your opinion of her fusion of digital media and the hand-made mark?
  • Discuss the significance of line in her practice.

You can also listen to an excerpt of Arvo Pärt’s Lamenate – one of the inspirations for Pollak’s work.