Action days

Curtain’s up, the floor is set, for art and fun, please don’t forget! Come and see an artist in action, take a tour to spark art traction. Then take a fresh idea or two and create some art, make something new.

Art in action

Step inside and look around, it’s time to see the art abound. With artworks small and artworks large, as art detective you’re in charge. From room to room you’ll soon discover, the Gallery is full of wonder!

Asia in action

Mystical beasts, adventure and travel. Discover new places, let stories unravel. Meet artists and artworks from then until now, share ideas and stories about what, where and how. Through the ages and until today, uncover Asia without delay.

Cross-curriculum priority: Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia

Faces in action

Get up close and face-to-face, with characters dressed in fine white lace. And then discover those who pose in repose with pointed toes. Be dazzled by celebrity glitter,
in Archibald’s prize of famous sitters.

Colour in action

See blue and green and in between, and colour all around. See colour splashed and dipped and snapped, and made from pigments ground. Discover colour used in art to make a big bold statement, and have your say through colour play, express your own art comment.

Syllabus links: Creative Arts/Visual Arts: making, appreciating

Program details
Early Stage 1–3
120-min duration/facilitated by artists and children’s guides
$10 per student for 60–120 students per session