Carlene West Tjitjiti 2014 (detail), Art Gallery of New South Wales © Carlene West. Licensed by Viscopy, Sydney

Artist experiences

Step into the creative hands of a practicing artist and be inspired to look at and think about art through their eyes. Our engaging, fun and skilful artist educators are professional artists working across a range of artistic disciplines. Let them take you on an imaginative ride using artist-devised activities to stimulate critical and creative thinking and stir curiosity and wonder.

Through the looking glass

Step into a wonderland of artworks where stories, histories, cultures and ideas are revealed through fantastical art games, mirrored reflections and daring moves. Along the way, meet marvellous characters, encounter topsy-turvy ideas and discover curious secrets about the Gallery’s prized collection of art.

Making faces

Twist your face, squint your eyes and look at portraits in disguise. Discover ways to make a face at rapid pace on a canvas base. Or perhaps a portrait made of clay, or bronze or paper, artists’ play. Have a laugh, take a photograph and make a portrait cut in half. Let our artists guide your looking, go ahead and make a booking.

The tomorrow tour

What might the future be like? How will we solve the big problems of our planet? How can you change the world? Draw inspiration from artists across time and place, use the seeds of your imagination, and the creative lead of an artist educator to take action for change. From little things, big things grow…

Cross-curriculum priority: Sustainability

Ngamuru: to see the way

Gather here on Gadigal country and experience the unique diversity of Australia’s Indigenous art practices. Connect with the different ideas and art-making processes used by Indigenous artists and create your very own visual language to express ideas about your own world and experiences.

Cross-curriculum priority: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures

Syllabus links: Creative Arts/Visual Arts: making, appreciating

Program details
Stages 1–3
60/90 min duration
$165/$180 per 15 students