Volunteer adventures

Share an art adventure with a volunteer children’s guide who is ready to spark dynamic conversation, lead creative play and inspire you and your students with their love of art. Our specially trained children’s guides lead Art Box experiences, free, lively introductions to the Gallery and the Art in Action program with artists.

Under the spotlight sessions

Be an art detective and shine a light on one of our fabulous exhibitions. Explore how artists experiment with colour and form and make their mark on the art world.

Archibald in focus
12 May – 9 September 2018
See Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2018

John Russell in focus
21 July – 11 November 2018
See John Russell

Masters of modern art from the Hermitage in focus
13 October 2018 – 3 March 2019
See Masters of modern art from the Hermitage

Syllabus links: Creative Arts/Visual Arts: making, appreciating

Program details
Stages 1–3
10.30am, 11.30am, 12noon
Free with exhibition entry

Art box

Think outside of the box, unlock the wonders of the Gallery and become a real world problem-solver. Our playful art boxes contain specially designed materials that will spark your imagination and help you look, explore and discover new ideas about art and the world we live in.

Book a box and our friendly children’s guides will lead you on an art adventure to remember:

  • Look!
  • The place I call home
  • All STEAMed up

Syllabus links: Creative Arts/Visual Arts: making, appreciating


Take a look in our nook, and by crook you’ll be hooked. See art that is old and art that is new, and art that prompts a question or two. You’ll be sure to discover some tools of the trade, and learn about artists and what they have made. And help create stories about what you’ve seen, to express to an audience what it all means!

Additional syllabus links: English: thinking imaginatively and creatively, expressing themselves, speaking and listening, reading and viewing (visual texts)

The place I call home

Mountains, desert to the sea, Australia, the land of diversity. Discover how our nation’s grown, and the land and people that make this place home. Take a journey, find your connection with artworks and stories from our collection.

Additional syllabus links: HSIE: first contacts, the Australian colonies, Australia as a nation

All STEAMed up

Put A into STEM and then make it STEAM, unleash creativity, let your mind gleam. Explore the science of how art is made, and how it’s conserved, installed and displayed. Uncover the artists’ material world, and using mathematics have art problems solved. So come and join in and go full STEAM ahead, you’ll be sure to warm up your creative head.

Additional syllabus links: Science: built environments, information. Mathematics: patterns and algebra

Program details
Early Stage 1–3
10.30am, 11.30am, 12noon
60-min duration
$3.50 per student/free for low SES schools

Ready, set, go

Get set for gallery-going in these lively introductions to the Gallery. Have a sneak peek of what’s on display before you set off on your self-guided gallery journey and learn an art game or two to help you prepare for looking at and exploring art with fresh eyes. Led by our children’s guides, these introductions provide a fantastic orientation for your visit.

Syllabus links: Creative Arts/Visual Arts: making, appreciating

Program details
Early Stage 1–3
10am, 11am
20-min duration
Free, bookings required