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in photography, the production of 'halos’ around bright spots in an image caused by light reflecting from the back of the film base.

Heidelberg school

a group of Australian artists, named after the location of their painting camp in Victoria, who formed the first distinctively Australian school of painting. Also known as the Australian Impressionists, they painted in the open air. Their work, based on naturalism and the Australian light, represented distinctly Australian themes. Artists include Tom Roberts (1856–1931), Frederick McCubbin (1855–1917), Arthur Streeton (1867–1943).

high art

the culture of the elite, with its origins in the church and royal courts. Its opposite – low art – is now more commonly known as pop culture (short for popular culture) and is heavily influenced by mass media and strongly associated with mass consumption.

history painting

traditionally, a term applied to paintings representing historical subjects (although not from everyday life), biblical subjects or scenes from literature or classical (Greek or Roman) mythology that had a moral message. In academic art, history painting was considered the highest of the genres.