MacFarlane, Stewart

Cory Bernardi

oil on canvas
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Cory Bernardi is a Liberal member of the Australian Senate, representing South Australia, and the author of The conservative revolution. His conservative views have made him something of a controversial figure.

‘Senator Cory Bernardi has stood out over recent years as one of the few politicians to speak their mind honestly and not be blown by the winds of fad or fashion,’ says Stewart MacFarlane. ‘I relate to his honesty and strength in the face of derision. He is no coward. He is approachable, intelligent and charming.

‘I asked Cory to sit one recent Saturday with the intention of completing the portrait in one four-hour sitting. He had come from a full-on week in Canberra so he was very happy to sit and listen to music while I painted.’

Born in Adelaide in 1953, MacFarlane is a figurative painter. Having been based in most Australian cities at one time or another, he describes himself as ‘a nomadic Australian artist’. He has also spent many years in the US. He has held more than 60 solo exhibitions in Australia, Malaysia, Germany and the US.