Agnes Armstrong, Philomena Armstrong, Phyllis Ningarmara, Kittey Malarvie, Louise Malarvie, Bryan Murielle, Peggy Griffiths, Judy Mengil, Gloria Mengil

Bush medicine

ochre pigments on board (mural)
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This mural was created as part of the Bush Medicine Project, a collaborative venture by nine Waringarri artists who were invited to make an artistic contribution to the Ochre Health Centre in Kununurra, Western Australia.

Their contribution evolved into a celebration of the practices and importance of traditional knowledge.

The artists worked on the project for six months. Initially producing drawings and sketches inspired by the theme of bush medicines, they then developed these into individual works before creating a series of large collaborative artworks.

In Bush medicine, the artists celebrate the health and healing properties of bush tucker and plants including the bush tomato, bush cucumber, black plum, bush melon, Boab Boab pith, waterlily, spinifex and wattle tree.