Dallas Lesley

The fire in her eyes

synthetic polymer paint on canvas
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The intensity of what she sees enthrals her. They exude love and trust, intelligence and purity, resourcefulness tempered with cheeky playfulness.

In one of the most pure forms of natural, saturated colours, their hues radiate from angled feathers, catching light, which brightens their flighted forms. Encapsulated in the sheer exhilaration of their moments of freedom, this is an enriching exchange of devotion which sears the heart, as the wind from their wings caresses her face.

Birds are a part of my life and have defined my body of work. The structural qualities of the paint allow brushstrokes to emulate feathered forms sweeping past the contemplative gaze of their observer.

- Dallas Lesley, 2014
Note: this artwork was exhibited under the name Dallas Bromley