Mumu Mike Williams

Iyakuta tjukurpa

acrylic on linen and canvas mailbag
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Intuatjanu in South Australia is my birthplace and it is also home to Iyakuta tjukurpa (two sisters). This tjukurpa continues far into the Northern Territory and is an important story for Anangu. This painting is about the mistreatment of Iyakuta at Intuatjanu. Some time ago Iyakuta was damaged by whitefellas taking rock to build a road. Government, anthropology and APY land council, this mob are really no good: they never listen to the traditional owners.

Ngunti walytjaringkula
Tjukurpa kurantja wiyangku wantima
Pampuntja wiya

Do not pretend to own what is not yours
Never destroy tjukurpa law
Do not touch

Mumu Mike Williams, 2018