Kamisaka Sekka

Kamisaka Sekka education kit

This online education kit for the exhibition Kamisaka Sekka: dawn of modern Japanese design provides questions and activities for K–12, organised around themes. It explores how traditional Japanese motifs used in the Rinpa style have been transformed and reinterpreted across a variety of media from the 17th century to the present day. Variations on irises, water, cranes, fans and the nō theatre, for example, reappear throughout the exhibition. For this resource, we have selected three artworks to illustrate each theme, but you will find more when you visit.

Due to their fragile nature, not all works can be displayed for the entire period (22 June – 26 August 2012) and the exhibition will close on 23 and 24 July while around 30 of the approximately 100 works are changed over. Works in this kit are on display for the entire period unless otherwise indicated.