Australian Dreaming

40 000 Years Of Aboriginal History

written by Jennifer Isaacs

New Holland Publishers Ltd | ISBN 9781741102581

Hardback – 304 pages


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The best selling story of the pre-European Australian continent and its indigenous people. Supported by the Aboriginal Arts Board which encouraged contributions from indigenous story tellers and knowledgeable cultural caretakers, it charts the Creation era, the great Ancestral Heroes and their journeys, and describes oral history, art and ceremonial activities, and the handing on of custom and law throughout Australia. A vast and sweeping book, this seminal work has been used in Australian and Aboriginal studies syllabuses for decades. It is lavishly illustrated with historic colour photographs of the landscape, people, rock paintings and carvings, paintings, and ceremonial life by some of Australia's best photographers including Reg Morrison, Penny Tweedie, Robert Edwards, Derek Roff, Heidi Herbert.